ZofzPCB 3D Component Models Generator and STEP File Export, Perpetual License


Perpetual License enabling all premium features




For only 179USD for a limited time. Promotion or discount/coupon code details (if applicable) will be present at the bottom of this post.

Perpetual License enabling all premium features


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No promo code is available for this product.

Platforms (if applicable):
Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista

  1. Perpetual License
  2. more than 250 components
  3. adjustable parameters for some components, like height or LED dome size
  4. not found patterns will default to “extruded” box view
  5. Save As View-Only file – premium view without the premium license
  6. Body Builder – a simple 3D component body editor
  7. STEP file Export

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